5 Ways Freelance Writers Can Recharge and Stay Creative

Writing as a freelancer has opened up the creative doors for many people. However, all writers lose inspiration or get burned out at times, so here are our top five ways for freelance writers to recharge and stay creative.

  1. Breaks

Take regular breaks throughout the day. Getting up and moving about is vital to keep the creativity flowing. Some people find investing in equipment such as saddle seats, swiss balls, or rocking footrests are great ways to keep their bodies moving. These aids can improve posture, reduce tension, and keep you focused. Take coffee breaks and a lunch break and don’t snack while you’re working. Make time to call friends for a quick chat and arrange social meetings which will stimulate you. Have set times when you check your Facebook and other social media. Seeing what’s happening may recharge and energise you, but don’t allow it to interrupt your work. Leave the phone turned off until your delegated “catching up” time.

  1. Exercise

Include some exercise in your breaks. A brisk walk or short stretching or yoga routine can recharge your concentration and get your creativity flowing freely again. Even a 15-minute bouncing session on a trampoline is a super fun exercise that will improve your balance and coordination. You will feel vitalized and invigorated after a short workout, ready to continue writing with new zest.

  1. Fresh air

Spending time outside, even for just a run around the block, will fill your lungs with fresh air. If you have a park nearby, make time for a stroll through it. The greenery will help you relax, and the sun will recharge you with your daily dose of vitamin D. Alternatively, sitting out in the garden for a few minutes in the sunshine can fill you with energy and inspiration.

Take up a new sport that will get you outside more. Why not try something totally different like archery? You will benefit from the exercise, time spent out in the fresh air, and will be stimulating your brain by learning something new.

  1. Culture

Visit cultural activities as much as possible. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy gallery openings or exhibitions in your local museum. Attend theatre, music, and dance performances, which will serve to widen your knowledge and extend your cultural diversity. The more you experience, the greater your store of knowledge to draw on in your writing.

Many freelance writers travel while they work. The changing stimulus of visiting different cultures and places is guaranteed to keep your creative juices flowing. Even if you are not writing specifically about the different environments and situations in which you find yourself, those experiences will enrich your writing.

  1. Sleep

Finally, make sure that you are getting enough good quality sleep. There is no surer way to feel uninspired and with writer’s block than to spend a restless night staring up at the ceiling.

To ensure you have a good night’s rest, stop working at least two hours before bedtime. Take time to relax by reading a book, taking a hot bath, enjoying a hobby, or taking a short walk. Go to bed at the same time and make sure there is plenty of fresh air entering the room and that it is not overly hot.

Our bodies produce melatonin when it is completely dark, so a totally obscure bedroom will help you to drop off quickly and to get a good night’s sleep. Consider installing some blackout blinds to help you to get the rest you need to wake up refreshed and inspired for a day of creative freelance writing.

Cloe Matheson is a freelance writer from Dunedin, New Zealand. When she needs a relaxing break to get her creative thoughts flowing again, she retreats to her dedicated yoga space at home. To see more of Cloe’s work, visit her Tumblr page.

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