Best Summer Style Fashion for Women This Year

2020 is quick on the go and moving with events that never happened before. Time is the best healer therefore, stay trendy right before summer strikes. As per the courtesy of Statista, the worldwide apparel market is most likely to cross 1.5 trillion US dollars this year. Also, in 2017, ladies’ apparel was the bestseller category in 2017. This summer, you can update your fashion clothing list and look out to the leading trends that will follow.

Bra Beat

Women love to wear comfortable lingerie with their overall attire. For the upcoming summer, use more Gossard discount codes for finding the best quality bras. Similar to the prominence of thongs from the previous season, you will be seeing divas exposing their undergarments this season.

Get ready to take a bold step this summer and wear darker shades of bras with your apparel. Also, you can opt for darker and lighter shades of the same color for an ideal look.

Puffy Sleeves

Dating back to the 18century women fashion trends, enjoy the view of Victorian styled sleeves with every dress this year. Summer 2020 will bring a better version of sleeves. While the attire highlights a swell around your arms, it will help you look slim.

This style will add to an appealing ensemble and help a fashionista to create an illusion of a slimmer waist. You can opt for this look in soft colors and also put on the darker attractive shades of your favorite color.

Strappy Ankles

The footwear summer style of fashion is going to be more attractive this year. Ladies can add to their sandals and stilettos successfully. Switch to ankle wrap heels for summer. It will enhance the overall look of your cigarette pants, slacks, or jeans by wrapping around them.

Make a statement by carrying a leather jacket or an off-shoulder top with such sandals. According to a lot of forecasts, this trend will follow for long. Women will be wrapping straps around their ankles too.

Bucket Hats

Summer will most likely encourage the trend of bucket hats for everyone. It is one of the most attractive ways to block the sun in style. While this lovely feminine accessory is perfect for every season, you will adopt it more in summer.

It is a versatile trend and will suit every dress of your choice. For the hotter season of 2020, you can opt for smooth shades like lemon and beige. These will brighten all apparel styles.

Square-Toed Shoes

Aside from the strappy heels, divas will adopt this style of footwear. It is an enhancement to your traditional everyday sandals. This style will lengthen your legs and enhance the overall look. You can feel free feet while walking in square-toed heels throughout the day.

If you feel attracted to this fashion and want to stick longer with it, switch your stilettos with square-toed boots and complete your outfit every season.

Exposed Layers

It is an option for those fashionista women who like the concept of bra accentuation but are uncomfortable with it. Sheer layers are another way to wear self exposing dresses while staying covered. You can opt for a sheer shirt over a printed top and pair it up with trendy jeans.

Also, you can switch to your favorite textured prints and opt for sheer tops and coats over them for an attractive overall look. Prefer darker shades of blouses with lighter sheers.

Bucket Bags

Along with the trend of bucket hats, you can find bucket bags on the street too. Women will more likely switch to these for staying free and fresh at the same time. It is a style adopted from the Louis Vuitton 1932 fashion for keeping the freshness of champagne.

Opt for this hottest accessory trend and place your items safely in it. These long round bucket-shaped bags will make a statement with every dress. You can match them with the shade of your attire or pair up with a dark one.

Final Thoughts

These are the best summer style fashion trends for this year that you can adapt quickly. With the change of season, find attire that can match to your ensemble and suit your choices. Confidence is the key to looking beautiful and a perfect dress can boost it up quickly!

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