Fall is right around the corner. School is back in session and season is beginning to change, why not take the kiddos out to the park before the cold winter months arrive, it will be December before you even notice. Here are a few benefits of children playing in the park.

Develop Social Skills

Children need their space, being restricted to a small area is not normal for a group of children. They are more comfortable to an open environment/atmosphere. Children naturally are explorers, learning how to meet and converse with other children can hone their social skills.

Promotes Health

Sitting at home on your computer, watching Netflix or just rambling through your cellphone is not healthy for anyone. It is a proven fact that children who tends to be physically active are healthier than children that are just sitting around. Children in the park are usually playing basketball, swinging, running etc. In turn, they are burning calories and also having fun.


So you bring little Jerry to the park for the first time. Jerry explores all actions and movements around the park. In a new environment, it is natural if a child is very reluctant on making decisions. The parent often suggests, do you want to go and play. The child may be a little shy to new surroundings, but curiosity soon takes over and before you know it. Jerry is playing in the sandbox, he is on the slides, jungle jims and the swings. Jerry has found his independence!

Being Creative

Staying indoors can only last so long before boredom sets in. Being outside, children’s imagination often expands. Different objects and surroundings often bring out their creative juices. I remember playing outside with my cousin and when ever it rained we would make little stick boats and pushed them in the water. In any environment, if you expand your boundaries, it also expands your creativeness and your thought process.

Birthday Parties

Depending on the size of the party, indoor birthday parties requires a lot of maintenance. If you decide to have your child’s birthday at the park, there is very little maintenance to endure. All cleanups will be kept to a minimum. Once your done mostly everything will be trashed. Don’t for get to check your local parks rules and regulations.

Bike Riding

Some Parks are more bicycle friendly than others. The park is a good place to give your child that first lesson on how to ride a bike. Plus there is no traffic, signs, speed bumps etc. Your children can enjoy riding their bicycles fluently without any major distractions.


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